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Plants vs Zombies Halloween Edition

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Plants vs Zombies Halloween Edition

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Watch this how to halloween mod

Vorhees-shroom (Gloom-shroom):
"They will pay for not letting me let out heavy fumes...", says Vorhees-shroom, "They will see...".

Goo-shroom (Puff-shroom):
"I love Xmas, don't you? Oops, wrong mod...", says Goo-shroom.

Slime-shroom (Fume-shroom):
"I was never good at making anything but slime", says Slime-shroom, "I thought I had no purpose", he is beginning to weep, "But then, Puff-shroom, ugh I mean Goo-shroom, told me about this great job fighting Zombies".

Ooze-shroom (Scardey-shroom):
"W-who? Are you? Are you another Were-wolf? DOn't bite me!", screams Ooze-shroom, he really doesn't know what Halloween is.

Candy flower (Marigold):
Candy Flower is allergic to sugar, no wonder she gives away all her candy...

Candy Flower isn't very good, I may think up a better one.

Souless Squash (Squash):
"Souls...", says Souless Squash mindlessly, "Souls...", one day he decided to stop eating people's souls and star eating the monster's souls, too bad he doesn't know they are really just trick-or-treaters.

Ghost (Hypno-shroom):
"Hey come over here, I want to get a better look at your costume...", says Ghost, "and maybe posses you too...", he says to himself.

Ghastflower (Sunflower):
Ghastflower loves dancing to the beat of the monsters smashing people, and stomping around, she could care less about people. But one thing she loves is, "Making those Ghastly slime balls of doom..", as she says it.

Bulletshooter (Peashooter):
How does one plant monster ghost hybrid thing shoot bullets so fast? "Well, you just have to believe, then those monsters will be droppin' like mosquitoes", says Bulletshooter.

Wolf slayer (Repeater):
"Why did they name me Wolf slayer?" asks Wolf slayer. "My brother in law gets to be called Repeater, I love Wolves! Just because I shoot SIlver Bullets, the Were-wolf's only weakness, means I should be called Wolf slayer!".


Hi there! Cool costume you say to the Kraken, not knowing that is not a Costume...


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