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Flying an Airplane in GTA IV

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All Credit goes to Janit0r, and I congratulate him for making one hell of a mod. :D Nice job man.

Don't comment if you're going to say OMFG A MOD!!!!111

Thanks for the views... damn I didn't mean for this video to be a vid with a lot of views... kinda wish it didnt :S

Note: use common knowledge before you comment

This was created April 30, 2009! You see that? 2009!!! So before you leave a comment saying how anyone can do this or it sounds like a helicopter, think of what was available in April 30, 2009- 2 days and 1 year later after the ORIGINAL release of GTA IV for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The mod made to support this video, mod creator Janit0r, was THE most advanced of its time. So please stfu if you're going to leave a mean comment, this was one big hell of a deal back in time. Look at your date on your calender. Now, look at the date this video was created. You do the math.

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