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The Tools You Need for Leatherwork! [HD]

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The Tools You Need for Leatherwork! [HD]

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This video shows you the basic tools that I think you need to start leatherwork and make a neat job of it! Some people would argue that you don't need some of this but if you cut corners you'll make second rate items in my opinion.

Here are the items from the video that you will need (in the UK I recommend you buy from either Le Prevo or The Identity Store):

Cutting Tools

* Knives
* Safety ruler
* Non metallic hammer/hide mallet/wooden mallet
* Glue (contact adhesive such as Evostick Timebond)
* V-gouge
* Hole punches (hammer tools not a rotating one unless you're only using very thin leather)
* NOT IN VIDEO -- a skiver or safety bevelled for thinning down leather


* Stitch groovers (parallel and freehand)
* Overstitch wheels (numbers 5 and 6 should cover most items)
* Diamond awl blade and handle
* Saddlery needles (sizes 2 and 3)
* Thread (either 18/3 linen thread or pre-waxed nylon thread)
* Beeswax
* Needle nose pliers

Edge Finishing

* Edge bevellers (sizes 1-3 are most useful, but at least a 3)
* Bone folder
* Edge slicker
* Sandpaper or Dremel

Dyes and Finishes

* Dye (I recommend Fiebings Professional Oil Dye)
* Wool daubers
* Carnauba cream
* Gum tragacanth
* Tan kote
* Leather sheen or other finish
* NOT IN VIDEO -- some neatsfoot oil to replenish dry leather and make it supple

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