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Minecraft cracked server 1.6.2 24/7 NO Hamachi needed

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Minecraft cracked server 1.6.2 24/7 No Hamachi needed,

All the drops have changed and this is a different minecraft gameplay experience then your used to. This is a survival server. Some things are harder and other things are easier

IP: bestmc.no-ip.org
Server is up!

(outdated below)
Everyone is basically a OP (admin) right now!
PVP is on, dozens of server mods, and everything is free for the building! CTF, War, NPCs, chest locking, anti greif, tp, etc You can fly build w/e No need to sign up on any forums to play.

(outdated stuff below)
All drops have changed and have been tweaked. This is a harder server, (hard I say, very hard minecraft gameplay) it has jobs where you can level up and unlock better drop rates for things. lot's of mods and stuff going on here and stuff is always changing. If your bored of regular mc gameplay then this server might be for u. Noobs don't stand a chance here! This is a very different and unique server, heavily modded and has the feel of an rpg game with rare drops and other things that really separate the pros from the schmoes. Anyways, if you do try it, give it a chance before you judge it. By the time you get diamond, you should have a feel for whats going on. (providing your good enough to even get diamond)

The following lines that are written was for the old server, some things still apply.
-The server has some anti greifing measures setup. /lwc will let you lock your chest, doors, etc. protected areas and buildings, firespread, tnt, and lighter are disabled. server backups/rollbacks, (the beloved "box")

-achievements and stats system with rewards!

-all colors of wool are on sheep and spawn randomly

-Capture the flag.


-PVP and monsters are on

-A job system, name ranks, money, unobtainable game items sold!

We have a "trusted player" system going on, in which defaults (new players) are confined to a rather large area of space, think of it as a "starter area"
The starter area, or the "box" as some players like to call it, is a fun place! always full of drama to keep you in the minecraft mood! play the game, have fun, and sooner or later you will become a trusted player!

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