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I Wanna Be The Guy - My Best Run

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I Wanna Be The Guy - My Best Run

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***Wow, 1 million+ views! Aren't I special...***

***Why are you watching this old piece of trash? Someone has already recorded a complete run through impossible difficulty! I was merely the first to upload a crappy attempt...so go watch that!***

Fun and/or frustrating platformer:

I put my shoddy skills to the test! This is my best recorded run so far. It kinda feels different when I record 'cause things start to slow down a little. It doesn't affect my lousy ability much, but it seems to lag a fair bit during bosses. I can't do things like skip Zangief's first and second attack patterns for example.

Hopefully I'll get the entire lower area cleared and recorded soon.

EDIT: heh, when I said soon, I didn't mean never...I've just been busy with other things *cough*Megaman Zero series*cough*, but unless someone else does it first, I'll have a run that includes the other paths. I just wish there wasn't slowdown when I record. Thanks to everyone who watched this below average human who does his best to do his best!

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