John Arisi Osababu -Ebitina -  

John Arisi Osababu -Ebitina

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John Arisi Osababu -Ebitina

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John Arisi Osababu was undoubtedly a great Gusii artist; The arresting tunes that Kept Gusiiland alive during the 1980s and 1990s still evoke admiration and appreciation even in the 21st century. In this song, he talks of 'Ebitina' and how rumours are used to slander and bring a person's downfall. He brings in the ageless proverb in Gusii 'Omorogi ataragoita, Omogengi ogoitire' to cement his message. This track is very close in theme to the famous 'Omong'ina oyo obangire Nkong'itare'

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