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Amharic Mezmur- Azeb-Hailu

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Amharic Mezmur- Azeb-Hailu

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I tried to mix the video, audio and the text (as u can see). This might not be to the taste of the owner of the song (Azeb and/or the recording company), and also for those who knew the song before, but I did it anyways. And I am declaring that I do not hold the copy right for the original stuff, but this can download, share and do everything you want with it (I am not even sure if I have the right to say this).
And if somebody is reading this, I would also like to inform you that if you are interested I have some more religious stuff on my channel to be specific -
I have finished and posted two videos of Gospel of John mixed with amharic audio and
i have also posted one version of Hallelujah (the infamous song by a canadian singer and song writer) with the lyrics as subtitles.
Peace be up on us.
you can listen to some songs from this link
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